How to Reset Jiofi -The Biggest Fear for any portable or normal Wi-fi modem user is to forget it”s Login password.

If unfortunately you have forgotten your login password details of your JioFi device then you are at the Correct page to know. How to Reset JioFi and change it’s password very easily in few minutes.

You may need to reset your device configuration settings when you have forgotten Login username and password.

The process below will let you do factory reset rest to JioFi device and change it’s password .

how to reset jiofi
how to reset jiofi

Steps to Reset JioFi device

  • To Reset, Press the Power button + WPS button simultaneously for 5 or more seconds.
  • The LED indicators will start blinking in blue and red colors because you pressed both the buttons simultaneously.
  • Once JioFi is reset , the device will be rebooted automatically.
  • Then, Connect to your Jiofi device with it’s Default SSID and enter Password (Default Password).

You can watch the video BELOW for the steps mentioned above.


Steps to Change Password and Username

  •  After Connecting to the jioFi device.
  • Open any browser on your pc or phone and enter the url http://jiofi.local.html/ in the address bar  or Click Here.
  • Click o Login Button
  • Login using Administrator as Username and Password to access the home page .

 Username: Administrator

Password: Administrator

  • Look for the Settings tab and then Select Wi-Fi.
  •  Change your username under SSID field , and
  • Set the password which you want under Security Key field.
  • Click on Save Button.
  • JioFi will be rebooted .

As a result ,Jiofi Password and Username now has been changed.

  • So, now you can connect with your JioFi device with new Username and Password.

You Can use the above method to Change the jioFi Username and Password very easily in few minutes.

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