In this post your query of How To Check Jio number or How To Know Jio number will be solved finally , therefore just read the full post below , it will take only few seconds to you know your  Jio sim Number.

How To Check Jio number

Different Methods to Know your Jio Number:

By Using My JIO App

  1. Download My Jio Application on your android device or in any of your iphone device.
  2. Open MyJio App & click on ‘Sign in with SIM’
  3. As a result  your number will be displayed in the  main page of the app.
Note : Make sure that your mobile data is enabled (on) in your device to Sign in with SIM.
How To Check Jio number
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By Making a Call

  1. Open dialer pad or calls app on your device.
  2. Dial 1299
  3. Give a missed call and hence  you will get your number displayed there .
  1. You can make a call to any other number which can you access easily .
  2. So ,you can see your Jio number flashing over there on the another device on which you called.
 You can make a call to 198 which is the  customer care number. They will authenticate you automatically and will tell your mobile number.

By Sending an SMS

  1. Open the messaging app on your device
  2. Send an sms from the sim in which  your jio number is inserted to 199.
  3. You’ll receive an sms in no time with your account details which will be including your jio number.
  4. Sms which you will be receiving will be similar to “Dear Customer, Your PREPAID/POSTPAID numberxxxxxxxxxx is …..…………”.


  1. Open the messaging app on your device.
  2. Send a sms “Jio <IMEI>” number of your phone in which jio sim in inserted and sent it to 199.
  3. As a result of the sent message, you will receive an sms which will be  showing your mobile number.
  4. The format of the sms which you will be receiving back  will be like “The Jio number used in your  device with IMEI number  xxxxxxxxxxx is xxxxxxxxxxxx (your jio number)”.

All above mentioned methods works well.